Sharon’s Vivian Moore Loves Getting Feedback


People / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

Correspondent Profile
By Martha Slater

Vivian Moore enjoys seeing the birds that visit her front yard and the flowers that bloom there. (Herald / Martha Slater) Vivian Moore enjoys seeing the birds that visit her front yard and the flowers that bloom there. (Herald / Martha Slater) Vivian Moore has been sending Sharon news items to The Herald since the 1970s, but didn’t become an official correspondent for the paper until about 10 years ago, when she took over that post after Dick Tracy stepped down.

Recently, she welcomed a visitor to the front porch of the hillside farmhouse in Sharon where she has lived with her husband, Wilfred, for the entire 58 years they’ve been married.

“I’m not a traveler—this is home,” she declared.

It was in that home that the couple raised their two children—son Kirby, and daughter, Nicola.

“Now, we have three grandchildren, plus I’ve got some ‘adopted granddaughters,’ who were born after their folks came over here from Ghana,” she noted with a proud smile.

It’s in her yard, with the panoramic view, that Vivian loves to birdwatch, and her weekly column often includes observations and anecdotes about the avian activity there.

“That’s a TV show that never goes off,” she commented with a grin.

The former Vivian Miller grew up in Pomfret and went to high school in Woodstock. She married Wilfred right after high school, “and we farmed until the ‘great buy-out’ back in the 1980s, but we still make syrup and the farmland is still in active use through the Sherburne Farms in Pomfret,” she said. “We also still ship some lumber.”

In addition to raising her children, and dealing with chores inside the house, Vivian also kept busy with outside work on the farm, and created the flowerbeds that add color and beauty to the yard.

When her daughter went off to college, back in the mid-1980s, Vivian worked with students in the Title I reading program at Sharon Elementary School for several years, and then was a secretary at the school; retiring from that job about 20 years ago.

She has also kept involved in the community, volunteering for many years with the church youth group, which is no longer active. She was secretary for Sharon Old Home Day for many years, and still serves as secretary for the Sharon Historical Society and the Pomfret Ladies Circle.

Vivian said that when she gets ready to write the news that she faxes to The Herald office each week, “I usually have some notes of things people have called me about and then I sit down to write and The Lord takes my hand.”

She doesn’t cover meetings, but does share information about upcoming events and also writes about visits area residents have received from relatives, and other social occasions.

“Over the years, it’s been a lot of fun when people mention that they read my column in the paper,” she said. “Last month, I was visiting with David Ainsworth at the Sharon Old Home Day, and a friend brought over a woman from Barnard who wanted to meet me. I really love talking with people and getting feedback!”

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