VT-ers Flocked To the Rescue

Opinion / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

Many thanks to all who assisted us two elderlys in our time of distress on September 16. Our GPS betrayed us on our way to a family wedding in Vermont and we ended up in need of a tow out of the ditch near Hancock.

First, a gentleman on the scene stopped to ask if anyone was hurt: a question asked by all. Then there was the couple who went for help and then returned to say a tow truck was on the way. Then a motorcyclist stopped by to ask if help was needed.

A U-Haul driver turned around and came back to inquire if help was needed. Area firemen came by, and others stopped by to check on our welfare before Deering Services got us out of our dilemma and on our way.

Politics have changed in Vermont, but not the mien of the local folks. We are truly grateful.

Everett and Molly Leonard
North Reading, Mass.

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