Animal Abuse At Oxen-Pulling

Opinion / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

I am writing this regarding my recent visit to the Tunbridge Fair on Saturday, Sept. 16, 2017.

My husband and I decided to visit the Tunbridge Fair this year. He was very interested in seeing all of the old objects that were on display there.

After we walked around and saw the displays, we decided to walk over to the oxen-pulling which had just started. We watched the first pull and they did a great job. The owner of the oxen did a great job with his animals.

The second team of oxen walked up to the slab and they were obviously not really into it. When the owner walked over to them, the smaller black ox winced when he approached him. The oxen hesitated, but the owner made them move up to be hooked up to the slabs of concrete.

On the first attempt the oxen did not want to be hooked up to pull. The owner proceeded to whip and hit the black ox in the face until he moved into place.

How is this acceptable?

The room was filled with spectators young and old. What are we teaching our children? Are they seeing that it is okay to abuse an animal when they do not want to do something?

This person should have been disqualified for the actions he took.

I went to other pavilions and saw young adults that loved their animals. They were taking care of them, feeding, watering, bathing and even sleeping with them. This is what we should be seeing, not the abuse that went on for all to witness in the oxen-pull.

I will not attend this event again.

I hope some action will be taken so that this never happens again.

Jaime King

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