Communities / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

Laura Craft – 685-4640

Summer has returned, at least for a few days. As I write this, it is feeling like early August, but the angle of the sun has changed, and sunlight is pouring into the house far more than it does in mid-summer. Luckily, our swimming hole is ready and waiting.

The Community Potluck/Pizza gathering which normally happens on the fourth Friday of the month will take place this coming Friday, Sept. 29. The date was moved so that the event could be combined with a thank-you celebration for Lynn Roy, who recently retired after 15 years as volunteer library director at the Vershire Community Library. Lynn dedicated untold hours to the children of our town, and built many successful library programs, all run purely by volunteer labor.

Please come to the town center on Friday, bring a potluck item to share, and say thank you to one of Vershire’s amazing volunteers.

On Saturday, Oct. 8, come back to the Town Center to enjoy the annual Fall Festival. Hopefully, things will have cooled off by that time. More details about that event will be found in next week’s Herald.

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