Stockbridge Selex Get Tax Report

Communities / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

Susie Pelletier, the town’s delinquent tax collector, distributed a copy of the current outstanding tax list and noted that the current amount due is $30,887. She noted that there is a property in Timber Hawk that she has no known mailing address for and she is unable to contact the owner.

She received that list of taxes due and pointed out that the property owned by Rod Andrews has gone to small claims court and a judgment issued. The building has been removed, so she is unable to conduct a tax sale on that property.

She would like to have the town attorney draft a collection letter. She requested, and received approval, for the board to reimburse her for postage expenses.

The FEMA buyout reimbursement form was signed. The certificate of substantial completion, as well as an amendment extending the contact date until 10/31/17 for the Taggart Hill project, were also signed.

Mark Pelletier moved to approve the listers’ errors and omissions statement to the 2017 grand list and the board approved.

The board reviewed the state inspection report of the Gaysville Bridge. They will review it further at the next meeting.

The board voted to appoint Lorin Park as the THOA proxy vote for the 2017 annual meeting.

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