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Communities / Sep. 28, 2017 9:13am EDT

By Lisa Campbell

At the Bethel Selectboard’s September 25 meeting, David Sambor of the Bethel Revitalization Initiative (BRI) asked for permission to use the town hall this winter for a monthly movie night geared towards children and families. There will be refreshments, and donations will be used to defray the cost of licensing.

In addition, he updated the board on the status of the Animating Infrastructures Grant. The first portion, the fish mural, is completed. There will be a celebration held on October 22, in tandem with the Bethel Public Library’s 125th anniversary celebration. Wooden fish shapes were handed out at the Forward Fest for children to paint. There will be a fish parade, and a picture of town residents at the site of the mural.

The second and third portions, the Bethel Banners, and the new locust wood benches, will be in place by May 1, 2018.

Cecil Washburn inquired about the town’s policy regarding rundown buildings no longer in use. He talked about a building that he feels represents a danger and a health hazard in its current state.

Board Chair Carl Russell stated that he thought a potential health hazard might be under the jurisdiction of the town’s health officer Neal Fox, who could inspect the property. He will refer the issue to Town Manager Greg Maggard to research town policy, and revisit the issue at a selectboard meeting next month.

Speeding Concerns

A discussion regarding vehicle speed in downtown Bethel was introduced by board member Chris Jarvis. He has spoken with community members who are concerned about excessive vehicle speed in the downtown area.

Russell has spoken with the transportation coordinator at TRORC, and they are able to collect some data about speed in the downtown this fall. He pointed out that the town ordinance specifies speed limits for the downtown, and the board has the authority to further reduce the speed limit, if it seems beneficial.

This discussion was tabled until the next meeting, so that it can include Town Manager Greg Maggard.

Funding Requests

Jarvis wanted to discuss the formal system for human services funding requests from the Town of Bethel. He has heard from organizations who felt their requests were unfairly reduced. Russell emphasized that the committee has been working with a skeleton crew in the last couple of years.

Board member Paul Vallee volunteered to organize the committee going forward. He will touch base with Carroll Ketchum to get a sense of the history of the committee, and what needs to happen moving for- ward.

Russell suggested some outreach to organizations that have been funded in the past, and continued discussion at the next meeting on the needs of the committee, and the process for funding requests during this funding cycle.

Transfer Station Solar?

The Bethel Royalton Solid Waste Management Board is recommending entering into a year-long lease with Green Lantern Solar to do a feasibility study on land at the transfer station. The study would determine if the site would be an appropriate placement for a solar field. Any decision regarding building the solar field will take place after the feasibility study is completed.

The board spent the remainder of the meeting in executive session.

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