Special First Day For Chelsea School

Opinion / Sep. 7, 2017 9:06am EDT

I’ve never written a letter to any editor. I feel compelled to take this opportunity to share my thoughts about the school I’ve known and grown to appreciate since graduating from it roughly two decades ago.

Times were different for sure. Computers were expensive but Chelsea had them, a bit bigger and slower than what my 8-year-old son uses in school now. But at the time it was cutting-edge technology compared to the daisy wheel electric typewriter I was accustomed to using before high school. No internet connectivity on those models.

I heard the strange dial-up modem beeping for the first time in Ms. Winnie Royce’s immaculate and always welcoming library room, if I remember correctly. My graduating class was around 20. Small at the time, but considered large now in comparison to recent senior class numbers. I was surrounded by teachers and administrators who cared about each student and their future deeply. I didn’t fully realize it at the time.

Looking back I do. Maybe it had something to do with the fact my mother taught students there when I was a small child, and my father drove students to and from school on the bus. People still remember this with a smile today, and to me that’s a sense of belonging that I couldn’t have experienced in any other school setting. I realize that the small school experience was really beneficial to us all. No getting lost in the system there, even if that was what you wished for at times.

People cared for each other and I see that hasn’t changed over the years. That to me is priceless. That a student can be assured that they have people in their corner who care and who know them by name, who expect them to utilize their full potential and are willing to help them realize their strengths and improve their grasp and understanding of worldly knowledge as well as current events locally and worldwide is an integral part of a successful small school. Indeed, any school in my opinion.

Chelsea still does this.

I’m sincerely thankful for the hard work of the past and current faculties, especially in these uncertain times regarding Act 46, as well as the school board members who have worked countless hours to attempt to make the future as bright as possible for any and all students who will attend Chelsea school in the future. From any town they happen to live in. We welcome them here.

I hope that the opening day ceremony reminded us all that our school and community are still here, they haven’t faded away completely as some may have feared. It certainly did for me as I watched my own son and our friends’ and neighbors’ children gather together and parade around the commons, even as the 13 symbolic notes from our historic school bell tower were bitter sweet to hear.

A diverse and caring community came together as one on the first day of school to support the students. Thats what matters most I think. It’s an encouraging sign in these uncertain and unfortunately polarizing political times.

Thanks to all those who have made our school great, and continue to do so. It is greatly appreciated by many.

Lou Margaret

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