Praise for a Great Rochester School

Opinion / Sep. 7, 2017 9:06am EDT

As my child enters high school outside of Rochester I feel she is well prepared for the adventure and so I wanted to take a moment to say to our school community THANK YOU!

Thank you for providing a solid pre-k to second introduction to learning. Your care, patients, creativity and energy during the first years of school made reading, writing and arithmetic exciting to a new learner.

Thank you for the elementary inventors unit, introducing independent learning projects, brilliantly teaching the history of our wonderful state, and providing us the opportunity to explore our own family history.

Thank you for the covered wagon unit that took the students on a journey to settle the west, our totally awesome, “Night at the Museum,” and introducing Dorothy Canfield Fisher award winning books.

Thank you for Peter Pan, Huck Finn, and a million other books, the mythology unit, the introduction to the concepts of real and irrational numbers (and so much more cool math!), and constantly emphasizing the proper structure of a solid essay.

Thank you for producing: Grease, Annie, The Little Mermaid, and Guys and Dolls.

Thank you for Ecuador, and organizing every detail so that our kids could experience a seamless once in a lifetime trip.

Thank you for the coolest science lessons ever, instilling enthusiasm for the wonders of the natural world, stressing the importance of the human role in conserving it, and the continued effort to get the hydro-electric in a bucket to work!

Thank you for condensing the economic theory and history of the stock market into the “most exciting 45 minute lesson ever.”

Thank you for teaching solid tactics for solving single and multiple variable equations and communicating so clearly the concepts of pre-algebra with a reassuring smile.

Thank you for altered books, and the multitude of beautiful artwork that decorates our home.

Thank you for sustainability, great PE games like 14 capture the flag, for tirelessly supporting the National Honor Society, and promoting the Presidents Fitness award.

Thank you for 3D Printing, AutoCAD lessons, country music and cowboys, handmade toolboxes, birdhouses, lamps, wooden pens made on lathes, and for your sheer determination to lift a student up so that they have the confidence to achieve their goals.

Thank you for organizing a program that allowed our children to take professional music lessons at a reasonable cost, creating a real live band, and heading up one great music performance after another.

Thank you for being a wonderful class parent, photo-documenting the highlights of elementary and middle school, coaching sports, chaperoning, donating your time and goods to raise funds or support a cause, for cheering our kids on and cheering them up.

Thank you for being a dedicated school board member (past and present) volunteering countless hours at meetings and seminars with the simple hope that your efforts will be of assistance to the community.

I believe everyone in our school community has given (and continues to give) their very best effort in the hope of providing a solid education to our community’s children. I am impressed with you all and honored to be a part of the Rochester school community.

Rochester Rockets ROCK!

Claudia Sherwin

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