RUHS, Brookfield, Braintree, RES Menus

Communities / Sep. 7, 2017 9:06am EDT

Monday, Sept. 11: Corn dog, baked beans.

Tuesday, Sept. 12: Mac & cheese, roll, broccoli.

Wednesday, Sept. 13: Chicken quesadilla, soft-shell tortilla, peas, salsa.

Thursday, .Sept. 14: Tunbridge Fair. Ham or turkey subs, fresh vegetable.

Friday, Sept. 15: (Elementary schools) Pizza, carrots.

(RUHS) Chef choice, carrots.

Fruit (fresh or canned), skim, 1%, and fat-free chocolate milk available daily.

RUHS: Alternative entrĂ©es offered daily—Pizza, hamburger, chicken patty, deli sandwich, salad bar, yogurt.

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