Legislators Outraged By Trump’s Decision

Communities / Sep. 7, 2017 9:05am EDT

Both U.S. Senator Patrick Leahy, a Democrat, and Vermont Governor Phil Scott, a Republican, reacted with outrage this week at the decision of President Trump to force the children of illegal immigrants to return to the country of their parents’ origin.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, even released a video as part of his response.

The President said he would end the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

“After promising to show DACA recipients ‘great heart,’ the President has revealed he is as heartless as he is uninformed,” Sen. Leahy said in a statement.

“We live in an unprecedented time when our President seeks to divide us, not to unite us. He rallies his dwindling supporters by exploiting fear and resentment, marginalizing those who are vulnerable and even those who risk their lives for our country and communities.”

In his criticism of Trump’s decision, Sen. Leahy—the longest-serving member of Congress— challenged Republican members, who control both the Senate and the House, to oppose the President in this matter.

“Some have already spoken out against the President’s decision to abandon DACA,” he noted “but their words ring hollow if they are not ready to act upon them.”

Gov. Scott Speaks Out

On Tuesday, Gov. Phil Scott issued a similar statement calling on Congress to reverse the decision of President Trump to force the children of illegal immigrants to return to the country of their parents’ origin.

“The young people who will be affected have known no other home than the U.S., and DACA has given many of them important academic opportunities that further their ability to contribute to our communities, and our nation.

“Immigrants have historically had a very positive impact in our country, and in Vermont, and their contributions continue today.

“It is my hope Congress will take action and continue this policy, which I believe provides longterm benefits to American culture, the economy and the prosperity of our country,” he said.

Attorney General, Too

Vermont Atty. Gen. Donovan also sent out a forceful statement criticizing the President’s decision.

“DREAMers are productive members of our society and for many, this is the only country they have ever known,” he said.

“By giving DREAMers a chance to live legally in the country they call home, we fulfill the promise of America—the opportunity for a better life for all that come to this country.”

He also said that his office is reviewing the decision and its impact on Vermont.

VSC Chimes In

The Vermont State Colleges System criticized the President, saying it supports the fundamentals of the Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program.

“It has opened doors of opportunity for hundreds of thousands of young people and made our country stronger,” a VSC release said.

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