American Legion Post #51 News

Communities / Sep. 7, 2017 9:05am EDT

At the most recent meeting of American Legion Fuller Stearns Post #51, Fifth District Commander Larry Greene was formally installed the officer of the Post for 2017-18.

Names are still being sought for the monument on the green. Commander Crawford advised that several have been encountered, and the expense is being examined.

Commander Crawford was in touch with South Royalton HS to determine names for the student awards and there were two. The recipients were Emily Ballou and Justin Brock.

Fiscal Officer Allen reported that the post is in the black, and final determination of what was accomplished by the activities at Old Home Days will be announced.

Old Home Days was celebrated on the weekend of July 28-29. It was only two nights, rather than three, but the Post Wheel was in operation both nights, and tickets for the annual raffle were sold. The winners were: first prize, $250, Tim Pickett (donated back to the post); second prize, $125, Peter Feldman; third prize, $50, Charlotte Croft; fourth prize, $25, Eunice Gavin; fifth prize, $25, Jerry Farris; sixth prize, $25, Karen Bascom; seventh prize, $25, Roger Vesper; eighth prize, $25, Nancy White; ninth prize, $25, LarryParmente; and tenth prize, $25, Ric Crif.

The small swastika someone drew on the Veteran’s Monument on the Royalton Green was removed by PP Cmdr. Craig Morrill.

Post members who haven’t paid their dues for 2017-18, are reminded to bring their check to the next meeting, which will take place Tuesday, Sept. 12 at 7 p.m. at the Masonic Hall in South Royalton.

The post members are sad to report the loss of Bud Levitt.

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