Please, Be Safe

Opinion / Aug. 10, 2017 11:33am EDT

Vermont was shocked this week by a spate of car crash fatalities. Eight people died in five crashes on Friday, Sunday and Monday, including two with connections to the White River Valley. Seven of the eight crash victims were not wearing their seat belts.

Vermont State Police brass convened a press conference Tuesday, vowing to put more cruisers on the road to try to keep a closer eye on vehicle safety.

“These crashes should be a stark reminder to all of us who drive in Vermont of our responsibility to drive safely,” said Department of Public Safety Commissioner Thomas Anderson.

Hopefully, the commissioner is correct and these tragic occurrences will open up our eyes. It sometimes does seem to take a single big event to bring our attention to the obvious.

A recent report to the White House on the ongoing drug crisis in the country characterized the loss of life “equal to September 11th every three weeks.” However, that doesn’t seem to wound us the way the terror attacks did on that single day 16 years ago.

We’re very good at reacting to a single moment of alarm, but very bad at dealing with problems of decay, like car crash fatalities, erosion of liberty, loss of trust in institutions, governmental corruption, drug addiction, poor dieting, and forgetting to brush our teeth.

We’ve just gotten a wake-up call on one front: let’s all be sure to wear our seat belts and drive safely this week.

T. Calabro

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