Summer Reading Program In Chelsea Had STEM Focus

Communities / Aug. 10, 2017 11:33am EDT

If you happened to stop by the Chelsea Farmer’s Market on any given Friday this summer, you probably witnessed a group of small builders working diligently to construct bubble wands, gumdrop villages, and other structures from cardboard, newspaper and straws. What you may not have known, was that this corner of the common, taken over by pendulum painting, calisthenic relay races, hula-hoopers, jugglers, smoothie makers, and water play, was all part of the Chelsea Public Library’s eight-week long, summer reading program.

This year’s summer reading program, themed “Build a Better Mind... One Book at a Time,” ran in conjunction with the library’s grantfunded STEM program, from June 2 through July 21. The focus of the programming was to explore ways to build healthier minds and bodies, and also to offer creative activities that get children excited about science, technology, engineering, and math.

1,897 Books

During the course of those eight weeks, the library put up a challenge to the residents of Chelsea to collectively read 1,000 books. Each participant was given a punch card to keep track of their personal reading goals throughout the duration of the program. At the end of the eightweek period, the cards were tallied up to over 1,897 books read overall!

The library will continue to explore STEM programming through the coming school year.

Also in the works are: a family potluck on the green to be scheduled at the end of August, the library’s third annual Halloween party in the town hall, and much more. Stay tuned and in-the-know about upcoming events, through the library’s website at, or by “liking” the Chelsea Public Library on Facebook.

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