‘Fitness Center’ Request Is on DRB’s Agenda

Communities / Aug. 10, 2017 11:33am EDT

By Dave Crosby

The Randolph Development Review Board will meet Tuesday, Aug. 22, at 7 p.m. to review five applications, including requests for a fitness center on Park Street and a pocket park on Randolph Avenue.

First on the agenda is a minor lot-line adjustment on Mariah Lane, off Elm Street, in the Village High Density District. The request, which involves less than 500 square feet, comes from John Bell and Todd Lyford, and Larry Satcowitz and Jenny Davis.

The DRB will review another lot line adjustment, this one for a transfer of 0.73 acres from the Smithers lot, at Fish Hill and Smithers Roads, to an adjoining lot owned by Joshua Mather and Skye Erskine. The property is in the Residential District.

Also on the docket is site plan review of proposed modifications to the parking area for the Day Funeral Home. Mann & Garner Properties own this property on Franklin Street in the Village High Density District.

Iron Shamrock, an employee group associated with Catamount Solar, and the Randolph Area Community Development Corporation will seek conditional use approval for a pocket park. The park would be on what is now an empty lot at the corner of Pleasant Street and Randolph Avenue, in the Village High Density District.

Rocky Farm Properties, LLC seeks conditional use and site plan reviews for a fitness center and two additional apartments at 6 Park Street. Keegan Haupt of Braintree owns this large, Victorian-style property in the Village High Density District.

The DRB hearing will be at the Randolph Town Hall. Find information about the DRB, including rules of procedures, minutes, and written decisions, at the town’s website, http://randolphvt.org.

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