AVCC ‘Tiny’ Grant To Fund Projects at Branliere Forest


Communities / Aug. 10, 2017 11:33am EDT

Bethel’s Conservation Commission will use a “tiny” grant from the Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions (AVCC) to update amenities along the Branliere Forest Trail.

The grant was one of six grants recently funded via AVCC’s Tiny Grant Program.

Bethel’s Conservation Commission will use its grant for some work in the town forest, along the Branliere Forest Trail. The commission will add an information sign at the base of the trail and enlarge a vista point, to allow for the installation of a bench for resting and viewing.

Other towns awarded grants were Bolton, Burke, Johnson, Putney, and Warren, with their projects including developing a forest management plan, constructing bat houses, a community climate change presentation, and marking wildlife corridors.

Groups will receive between $250-$400, depending on the project. AVCC has offered the Tiny Grant Program for several years, and conservation commissions (or groups working to become conservation commissions) who are members of AVCC are eligible.

“The grants may be ‘tiny’, but their impact is not—these grants help support impactful projects in local communities,” said Karen Freeman, chair of AVCC. “Conservation commissions spend countless hours working to safeguard our natural resources each year, and supporting their work is what AVCC is focused on.”

Conservation commissions are non-regulatory bodies designed to advise planning commissions and selectboards on natural resources issues. AVCC supports the work of conservation commissions via the Tiny Grant Program, an annual meeting, and serving as a clearinghouse for information for local conservation commissions.

AVCC is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support Vermont’s conservation commissions, and to encourage the establishment of more conservation commissions in the state. AVCC is a membership organization with conservation commissions as well as individuals as members. Founded in 1990, AVCC is overseen by a volunteer board of directors.

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