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Not an Expense, An Investment

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

On April 11, the citizens of Royalton, Bethel, and Rochester will be gathering to vote on consolidating their schools.  Read More

Reasons To Vote ‘No’ on April 11

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

A few reasons to vote NO on April 11:  A NO vote will send a message that Act 46 is flawed.  A NO vote would improve our chances of following Hawaii’s lead and consolidate supervisory unions to one for the entire state.  A NO vot Read More

Student Hopes For Bigger School

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

I am a high school student at Whitcomb High, writing on behalf of the students looking to broaden their education.  We want a shop class, film production, graphic design. Read More

Model 1 Not Right For Rochester

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

Regarding the proposed Model 1 school merger proposal presented in Rochester on March 23, I am writing as someone who does not have children in the Rochester schools, but one for whom the character and viability of the town is a matter of great impor Read More

Library Excluded Excellent Book

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

An observation to share—The library report on page 76 of the town report reads as follows: “We all need access to reliable information to make decisions about our lives. This is what public libraries are for. Read More

Rochester Left Out of Discussion

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

In regards to the proposed consolidation Model 1: Since the Rochester-Bethel-Royalton study committee began to meet on June 13, 2016, they held approximately 13 official committee meetings. Read More

Merger Proposal Will Improve Area Schools

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 / By Lisa Manning Floyd

For the last several months I have gotten to know my neighbors from South Royalton and Rochester a little better. Since June of 2016, we have discussed something that we are seriously invested in—the future of our children.  Read More

What’s Really at Risk?: Lessons Learned

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 / By Luther Larsen

It was a normal September night at Vermont Technical College. My friends and I were just having a few beers, working on homework, and hanging out. One of my friends asked me if I we could go to the store. Read More

Megyesi Is Right For School Board

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

I am writing in support of Jen Megyesi for a position on the school board of the new consolidated school district of Rochester, Royalton and Bethel. Read More

‘Meals on Wheels’ Needs Support

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

There has been a lot of publicity recently about federal cuts in Meals on Wheels due to President Trump’s proposal to eliminate the Community Development Block Grants.  Read More

Vouchers Needed In Eduction

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

Public education today is a monopoly— it is centrally controlled and mostly by bureaucrats and union officials. Going back perhaps 50 years in Vermont (probably a little more), education was, for the most part controlled locally. Read More

Property Sale Proposal Opposed

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

Thinking about this complex decision the Rochester residents are facing regarding the future of education here, there is one piece of this merger that I and many others oppose.  Read More

Dollar General Proposal Issues

Opinion / Mar. 30, 2017 /

At the two recent DRB hearings, the Bethel Conservation Commission has stated its opposition to the Bilodeau Dollar Store proposal. Read More