Class 4 Roads, Personnel Policy Topics for Bethel Selectboard


Communities / Mar. 30, 2017 9:48am EDT

By Lisa Campbell

At the Bethel Selectboard’s March 27 meeting, there was discussion regarding the new Class Four Roads Committee.

The term “class four” is replacing the formerly used term of “ancient roads.” This committee will gather information on the class four roads in Bethel, including location, accessibility, any impediments, and the location of said impediments. Alex Reisterer, Derek Wright, Dylan Brown, Tim Mills, and Chris Fors were appointed to the committee by the selectboard.

Russell read the mission statement of the committee to those present, noting that there are maps of the roads at the town office for the use of the committee. There was discussion about the process of getting started, and the information that needs to be collected by the group, in addition to the purpose of gathering the information.

Matt Washburn and Ian Stuart were appointed as Bethel representatives to the ECFiber board.

The board discussed a draft personnel policy from the VLCT, as presented by Town Manager Arlund. Russell noted that board member Vanessa Brown had done research on personnel policies of towns of comparable size. The board agreed to table the discussion to allow Brown to do a comparison of the policies, for presentation to the board.

Russell shared information that he is receiving from the VLCT via email, to insure that the rest of the board is receiving the same information. Board member Jarvis shared that he is interested in applying for the open VLCT board position, and is waiting on hearing back regarding frequency of meetings, etc. He will keep the board posted on the status of his application.

Jarvis spoke regarding the creation of a “visioning” document to support the continued revitalization of downtown Bethel, while the energy level is still high. Mary Floyd noted that there was such a document at one point in time, and is certain that it still exists. Jarvis will work on locating a copy of the document before the next meeting.

As a part of the town manager’s report, Arlund discussed his research on snow removal policies in other towns. Some have businesses clearing their own sidewalks, though they admit that enforcing such policies can be tricky. Other towns have their crews take care of the sidewalks. He estimates that the cost of having the town crews keep the sidewalks clear would be $1,000-$1,200 per snow event.

The board addressed the annual reappointment of representatives to the solid waste commission. Jenn Bartleman and Mo Brigham would like to continue their work, but Kristen Judkins will be stepping down, so there is one open position. The board will take nominations for the open position at the next meeting. Bartleman and Brigham were reappointed.

Mary Floyd distributed minutes from the last Conservation Commission meeting. There was some discussion around the position that the commission is taking regarding the property proposed for the Dollar Store. The commission is seeking guidance on the possibility of purchasing the property, and will keep the board informed.

Kelly Hill proposed doing a monthly spotlight on town employees and services, and posting it on the town’s Facebook page. The board was supportive of the idea.

The board spent the rest of the meeting in executive session.

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