High Energy Whitchester Girls Go 4-1


Sports / Dec. 24, 2015 9:53am EST

By Brianna Hillier

Phoebe Parrish of Whitchester floats through the air to tally a layup for the away team as they took on the Websterville Warriors at Spaulding Saturday night. The Whitchester girls won the game, 80-36. (Provided) Phoebe Parrish of Whitchester floats through the air to tally a layup for the away team as they took on the Websterville Warriors at Spaulding Saturday night. The Whitchester girls won the game, 80-36. (Provided) On Saturday, Dec. 19, the Whitchester girls travelled to Spaulding High School to take on the Websterville Lady Warriors. Whitchester took home a comfortable 80-36 win against the 0-3 Warriors, who were outrun and all-around outplayed by the more experienced Whitchester players.

Websterville came into the game with the height advantage on most of the Whitchester girls, but no speed to back it up. Whitchester had the superior speed and quickly tired out the Warriors by the end of the first quarter.

Whitchester built an early 27-2 lead, with Phoebe Parrish leading the scoring with 14 points, while Websterville senior Nijhar Peloquin tallied the Lady Warriors only two points off foul shots during the last minute of the first quarter.

In the second quarter Websterville made many substitutions, often times resulting in mismatched Whitchester defenders playing much taller Websterville players. Nevertheless Whitchester racked up 16 points, with Lindsey LaPerle making nine baskets, and leaving Websterville trailing by 37 points, 43-6, at the half.

After the half, Whitchester switched from man-to-man defense to zone, satisfied with their lead, to ease off direct pressure. Whitchester played their zone offensive well, and resulted in lots of steals and fast breaks.

Alivia Reed of Whitchester made her first varsity points in the third and fourth quarters, tallying up six points. In fact, the entire Whitchester bench played during the course of the game.

LaPerle played the entire game, dropping three-point shots periodically to inch her closer to a 1000 points, which she is expected to reach this season. LaPerle ended the game with the team high of 30. High scorer for the Lady Warriors was Peloquin, with 14 points.

The match ended on a buzzer-beater layup from senior Jalyn Morrison, bringing the score to 80-34 at the end of the game.

South Royalton

On Wednesday, Dec. 16, a local matchup with Whitchester taking on South Royalton, confirmed to some a new truth in the valley: The Rochester vs. Whitcomb rivalry, at least between the girls, has been laid to rest, but a new competition has taken its place, Whitchester vs. South Royalton.

The high-energy game, with the Lady Royals holding the lead for the first half of the game, in the end resulted in a down-to-the-wire win for the Whitchester girls, 46-41 in SoRo’s “Royal Palace.”

The game started out slowly for Whitchester, who at first struggled offensively against the Lady Royals’ triangle-and-two defense which covered key players, Parrish and LaPerle.

South Royalton, on the other hand, came out pumped and ready to play on their home court. As a result, SoRo took a quick lead, scoring seven points before Whitchester had made more than two.

Brianna Hillier came off the bench to start the scoring off for Whitchester after making an open jump shot. Still, the Whitchester girls weren’t connecting as they usually do, and were flustered on offense, often taking the first shot available and not running the plays through. Bad passes also resulted in multiple turnovers on offense for the away team, earning the Royals valuable possessions in the first minutes of the game. Boxing out was a very apparent issue for Whitchester as well, as defenders allowed Grace Pease to post up for six quick points. Nonetheless, by the time the buzzer sounded on the first quarter, Whitchester was only trailing SoRo by two points, 11-9.

In the second quarter, the Royals continued to play very well, moving the ball on offense and drawing multiple fouls. Luckily for Whitchester, the Royals went 40% from the line during the quarter, making only four of their 10 foul shot attempts. In fact, both teams drew numerous fouls on both offense and defense, with referees catching even the slightest violation. All the flaws the Whitchester girls struggled with in the first quarter followed them into the second, and Whitchester again managed only nine points, their worse half of the season thus far.

The second quarter was truly SoRo’s chance to get ahead, but because of missed foul shots, that chance was lost, and the game went into the half with just a five-point difference, SoRo leading 23-18.

The third quarter is when Whitchester woke up and started playing like the team they really are. They began full-court pressing and switched to a zone defense, significantly slowing down the Lady Royals and getting Whitchester back in the game.

The triangle-and-two defense South Royalton had been relying on had to be taken out of play, and with SoRo not even looking to run the floor, Whitchester’s speed on the press confounded the Royals’ press breaker.

The combination of Parrish and LaPerle, trapping South Royalton players and blocking their passes, led to multiple turnovers under SoRo’s net and easy baskets. Utilizing the press and zone defense making the Royals hesitant on offense, Whitchester managed to limit South Royalton to eight points in the third quarter, a two and two-threes from Summer Spaulding and Rachel Moore.

The Whitchester girls, on the other hand, had an 180°-turnaround offensively, netting 15 points. Because of this, Whitchester earned their first lead of the game at the end of the quarter, 33-31.

The fourth quarter was a fight to the end for both teams, with Whitchester starting off strong and gaining a 10-point lead before a series of fouls and steals from South Royalton defenders brought SoRo within a few points of Whitchester’s score, with only minutes left on the clock.

Whitchester was fighting hard to stay ahead, and while still pressing, Hillier got into foul trouble, getting her fifth and having to leave the court.

Sammy Barcomb came off the bench with four fouls to take Hillier’s place, but soon after, Barcomb, too, committed her fifth and had to sit.

As the seconds ticked down with the Lady Royals and Whitchester only a few points apart in points, the fouls brought SoRo even closer, but by the buzzer, Whitchester had succeeded in outscoring South Royalton in the last quarter, 13-10.

The Whitchester girls took home the coveted win in their hard fought, comeback victory, 46-41.

Whitchester’s coach Dennis Wood said after that if it wasn’t for key scorers stepping up in different quarters of the game, the results of the match-up could have been very different.

Hillier and Amelia Mattrick each scored six points apiece during the course of the game while Laura Vaillancourt tallied eight points. High scorer for Whitchester was LaPerle with fourteen and for South Royalton, Moore made eleven.

Whitchester however, took advantage of the foul shots they were given, making 73%, or eleven out of fifteen.

The 4-1 Whitchester girls will now go on to play Chelsea in Bethel, on January 2 at 2 pm.

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