125 Attend OW/WNW ‘Ed Talk’ at Vt. Law

Communities / Oct. 8, 2015 9:41am EDT

By Lisa Manning Floyd

On Sunday, Oct. 4, community members from towns served by the Windsor Northwest and Orange Windsor Supervisory Unions, which will merge to form the White River Valley SU, met at Vermont Law School in South Royalton to discuss their vision for schools in central Vermont.

Members of the transition board, as well as school board members from throughout the supervisory unions facilitated small group conversations about the future of our schools within the emerging White River Valley Supervisory Union.

Laurie Smith and Todd Sears, members of the Transition Board Communication Committee, kicked off the meeting, which was attended by more than 125 participants, by sharing information about the work that has been done so far, and a little more information about Act 46.

Smith was quick to share that although Act 46 does put pressure on districts to merge and has a strong emphasis on creating opportunities for students, only voters can make choices about closing schools and choice.

Once small groups were formed, participants were asked to answer three questions about the future of their schools. The first involved building a world class educational system and how we would define that, the second involved insuring all students’ needs are met, and the third centered around organizational structure.

Overall, the conversations seemed positive and focused on students. Representatives Sarah Buxton and Sandy Haas were present. Sarah Buxton was able to speak to a variety of concerns, in the group she participated in, about Act 46.

At the same time a Junior Iron Chef competition was taking place at the South Royalton School. Students from throughout the region competed and were given awards based on creativity, use of local foods, overall best taste, and presentation.

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