Royalton Selex Approve Purchase Of Crawford Autoland Property

Front Page / Mar. 28, 2013 10:56am EDT

By Stuart Levasseur

At its March 26 meeting, the Royalton Selectboard approved the purchase of the Crawford Autoland property, using funds from the sale of the Sarnoff property on Route 107 ($63,325), and money from the betterment fund ($77,000), the capital improvement budget ($253,000), and some of the town’s revolving loan fund ($110,000), for a purchase price of $500,000. The money borrowed from the revolving loan fund will need to be paid back over the next few years.

Voters at the 2011 Town Meeting authorized the selectboard to purchase the property, contingent upon the completion of the environmental review and engineering study, not to exceed $500,000.

Clarification from last week: the appointed fence viewer was David Lyman, not David Ainsworth.

The board was asked to approve a sign for I-89 indicating Exit 3 for the Joseph Smith Birthplace. The request was denied because of concerns for the 12-ft. 1-in. underpass off Exit 3. Motor homes and busses would not be able to safely navigate the railroad underpass.

Carol Hodgdon asked for assistance to trim brush on Bloss-Ballou Road, but the request was denied because it is a fourth class road which receives no maintenance.

Randy Leavitt made a request for guardrails on the repaired washout sections of Broad Brook Road. The board felt that the road did not have guardrails in the past and the addition of guardrails would not be cost effective.

Complaints of cigarette butts around the library prompted the board to approve placing a cigarette butt receptacle on a pole outside the library. This will be paid for out of the Betterment Fund.

Jeff Tucker from Dubois and King spoke about the status of several FEMA projects the firm has been working on.

Perly Farm Road plans are complete and ready for construction as soon as the US Army Corps of Engineers permits the project. The project calls for 540’ of riverbank stabilization, roadbed replacement and guardrail where the river removed up to 30’ from the original grade. This project was estimated at around $300,000 but the latest figures are closer to $500,000.

Repairs to the Fox Stand bridge approach are coming in less than the estimate by about $50,000. Although recent inspections have indicated the bridge only has 8-10 years of usable life, there are no plans for replacement. Tucker feels that the State would opt for refurbishing rather than replacement so the work to the approach would be worthwhile.

Lister Walter Hastings gave an update on FEMA buyouts. The Harper property has been withdrawn from the program, due to sale of the property.

Hastings also suggested the town offices be built on the Hope property as the project could begin immediately and could be built using the previous plans for a less expensive outcome.

The board approved excess weight permits, with the exception of two that were incomplete. The board also approved liquor license requests, and heard a contested parking ticket. The ticket was a second offense and the board voted to let the ticket stand.

The next selectboard meeting will be April 9 at 7 p.m.

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