Does Campsite Violate Code?

Letters / Jul. 24, 2011 4:03pm EDT

Is the camper across from Shaw's grocery store breaking town or state laws? It would certainly appear to me that he has broken the leash law; and now, I'm curious if other laws or regulations are being violated. 

Yesterday, July 13, his dogs attacked and bit our puppy. On another occasion, I witnessed stopped traffic due to his dogs running across the main highway.  

Last Sunday the 10th, on a hot and dry day, he had a brush fire; what was the burn permit number?  What is he doing with waste-water?  

Is he allowed to build a driveway off a main highway without a permit? Did he get a permit? Did the new garage require a permit?  If he doesn't own the land, are the landowners allowed to allow this? 

I'm not a lawyer or familiar with zoning regulations, but I'd like to know that the right people are aware of what is happening and making sure the campsite is up to code. 

We have contacted animal control ourselves to make sure the dogs had their rabies shots. 

Brooke Sault



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