The Weather Last Week In The White River Valley

Front Page / Feb. 17, 2011 12:19pm EST

By Kevin Doering

The following observations were taken in Randolph Center during the week of February 7-13, 2011.

Low High Comments

Monday 29° 33° partly cloudy, snow late

Tuesday 4° 33° 3” snow, dropping temps

Wednesday 2° 18° partly sunny to partly cloudy

Thursday 10° 18° more cold air returns

Friday 4° 16° partly sunny

Saturday 13° 28° snow shower, 2”

Sunday 13° 30° rising temps, light snow p.m.

Last week featured more roof snow removal in the area, along with reports of lost structures due to the increasing weight of snow from the heavier and wetter prior storm. Temperatures began on the mild side, but were still not high enough to qualify for a thaw—the last one had occurred back on the first and second of January. As more snow and near-zero conditions arrived Tuesday evening, I found myself beginning to gripe just a bit about fighting the weather with constant wood loading and humidifier operating. Day length was noticeably longer, however, especially in the evening hours, which extend much more rapidly than sunrise over the first several weeks of winter.

Wednesday through Friday featured more cold conditions, as repeated cold air masses engulfed the state of Vermont. However, some relief was noted over the weekend. Following a strong snow shower Saturday, we were warming to the 30-degree mark Sunday, on our way to the 40s on Monday. The current week has seen our state on the meteorological “battle lines” of the jet stream, which has moved north, allowing most of the country to warm up except for northern New England. Instead, we remain right on the edge of the stream, subject to repeated cold air intrusions, which are interrupting the milder overall pattern trying to emerge for our area. Expect this seesaw weather to continue right into this weekend.

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