Valley Rescue Squad Honors Parrish as ‘Lifetime Member’

People / Dec. 16, 2010 12:53pm EST

By Martha Slater

After serving for 17 years on the board of the Valley Rescue Squad, as well as volunteering as a first responder and EMT, Jim Parrish retired at the end of October.

In appreciation for and recognition of his service to the community, Parrish was recently honored as the first person to have his named engraved on the squad’s new Lifetime Membership Award plaque.

“Hopefully this plaque is the beginning of a way to show appreciation for our volunteers,” said VRS President Larry Olsen. “We used to have 25 volunteers to share the load, but right now, we’re down to 11 volunteers, who split two 12-hour shifts each day. Of course, we really need more.”

A Granville resident, Parrish has also retired from that town’s volunteer fire department, where he had been a member for 43 years.

“I started out as the Granville representative back when the squad was located under the town office in Rochester,” Parrish said, during an interview last week at the squad building on Route 100 in Hancock.

Parrish became certified as a first responder, and a year or so later, became an EMTB. He answered calls up until October 1 of this year, volunteering an average of over 100 hours each month, including one night each week and one entire weekend. When he was president of the squad, he also often filled in for people who couldn’t do their shift.

“It’s a big time commitment, but I’ve enjoyed it,” he said of his years of service. “The hardest part was at budget time, which can be kind of stressful. I’ve been all over the valley and met a lot of people. Of course, a lot of the time, you already know the people when you go on a call. Sometimes that was hard.”

What will he do with his time now that he’s retired?

Parrish says his wife, Veronica, will be happy that’s he’s around home more, and he also plans to do some deer hunting.

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