WNWSU Business Managers: One Resignation and a Lawsuit

Front Page / Dec. 16, 2010 12:53pm EST

By Sandy Vondrasek

The Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union has business-manager troubles, old and new.

Within the last few weeks, the six-town district has lost the services of a business manager who was hired just this summer, and it is being sued by a former business manager, who resigned last October.

At the Rochester School Board’s Monday night meeting, WNWSU Supt. John Poljacik confirmed that the district is being sued by its one-time business manager, David Allen, but had no further comment as to the reason for that suit.

Poljacik also confirmed at the meeting that new business manager, Kevin Coleman, had resigned for “personal reasons.”

David Allen’s resignation as business manager last fall came shortly after former WNWSU Supt. Tim Mock had placed him on paid administrative leave. Five months later, the WNWSU Board placed Mock on paid administrative leave, and a few weeks later, Mock resigned.

When contacted by The Herald yesterday, Poljacik declined to comment on Allen’s lawsuit. The suit, he indicated, was filed in Windsor Superior Court, and, as such, was public information.

However, a court clerk said Tuesday the papers are not yet public.

Poljacik referred any further questions relating to the suit to the SU’s lawyer, Pietro Lynn of Burlington.

Yesterday afternoon, Atty. Lynn said Allen’s civil suit names the supervisory union and current members of the WNWSU board as defendants. Neither former Supt. Mock nor Supt. Poljacik were named as defendants, he said.

Lynn explained that the suit was not yet public because he had not yet entered a formal answer to it, something he anticipated doing in the next day or so.

When asked to summarize the complaint, Atty. Lynn said he was reluctant to do so.

“I don’t want to characterize the allegations made,” he said. “It is our view that they all are wildly inaccurate.

“The school board acted appropriately in all respects. Mr. Allen resigned his post and we will prevail in the litigation.”

New Resignation

Yesterday, Supt. Poljacik indicated that Kevin Coleman’s resignation was not related to the lawsuit.

Coleman’s departure, Poljacik said, “is his choice, absolutely, for personal reasons, and for no other issues. We’re sad to see him go.”

A statement issued by the WNWSU board this week stated that there are no immediate plans to seek a permanent replacement for Coleman.

Norm Andrews, a consultant who provided interim fiscal management services to WNWSU over the past year, continues to work as a consultant, the statement said.

Over the long term, board members will work with Poljacik to evaluate how to address the SU needs.

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