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Front Page / Aug. 26, 2010 2:16pm EDT

For Special Tunbridge Town Mtg.

By Scott Beavers

The Tunbridge Selectboard held a meeting Monday, Aug. 23 to complete planning and finalize recommendations for use of the surplus funds in the town’s budget. Use of the surplus funds amounting to roughly $195,000 will be voted on at a special meeting for all Tunbridge voters Monday, Aug. 30 at 7:30 p.m. in the school auditorium.

The meeting began with a status update on the EC Fiber project, which is moving forward, followed by a request from the recreation committee for funding to help with the creation of a playground near the town ball field. The first piece of business on the budget surplus was a request from a town resident for the selectboard to remove Article 2 from the special meeting and hold off asking the town to vote on the use of some of the surplus money until further auditing is done on the dollar amounts.

The board then discussed the details of the meeting articles and the surplus funds within each. At the August 30 meeting, the board will recommend the town vote to use the $15,000 surplus from the 07/08 Deficit Tax to pay for a new septic system at the town hall.

The highway fund currently has a surplus of about $96,900 and the following recommendations will be made for use of that money: $10,000 toward a town hall solar project, $6,900 to be put toward resident’s property taxes and $80,000 to be put in to an equipment fund for purchase of a new loader. The current loader is no longer usable and they would like to finance as little as possible, if any at all, on a new piece of equipment. The town is also planning to sell their old loader and backhoe to raise money for this purchase.

Article 3 asks if the voters will authorize the board to purchase a property located at 18 Recreation Road for a price of $13,000. A resident of the town has volunteered his services and excavator use to handle the demolition of the building on the property. The board will recommend purchase of the property and use of a 50% reimbursement grant they have qualified for that can be used toward the purchase of the property. The property in question has a 2010 taxable grand list value of $5,600.

The selectboard’s budget has a surplus of about $83,500 of which the board will recommend using up to $7,500 toward the purchase of the Article 3 property. Other recommendations for use of this amount of money will be $50,000 toward the town hall solar project and $26,000 to go back to residents to pay down property taxes.

Article 4 will ask voters to vote a sum of money to build a solar energy system for Tunbridge town buildings.

All the articles, selectboard recommendations and any other use recommendations made by the townspeople will be voted on and decided by the town voters at the meeting.

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