Not Always Easy To Be a Nurse

Letters / Dec. 3, 2009 3:23pm EST

I am writing in response to a letter written last week. I want to apologize to any patient who has to wait. We do not like to keep anyone waiting, but sometimes another patient’s health care issues make it impossible.

Everyone’s time is important. I do want to assure our patients that I believe Gifford Medical Center does try to do or best, we really do care about our patients.

In January I will have worked here for 20 years (and 13 before that at the office in Bethel while it was a private practice). I love my job. I can’t imagine being anything other than a nurse.

However, we are human, and daily we face the same challenges as everyone else, our dogs get run over by cars, kids get sick, our loved ones get deployed and sometimes we have a bad day…or seem impatient.

We deal with hundreds of situations each day trying to help patients in pain or feeling sick or needing meds refilled, forms filled out, patients who arrive late or on the wrong day or who want to be fit into the schedule.

Especially during flu season, we are stressed out over the shortage in flu vaccine this year, getting a higher volume of calls from people wanting same-day visits, sometimes resulting in admissions or emergent testing which we attempt to facilitate in a precipitous manner.

We sometimes have to deliver very sad news…sometimes we even call in sick, causing a challenging situation for those left to cover. We hope you understand that we are trying very hard to deliver excellent health care. We hope you will continue to come to our facility.

Always feel free to voice your concerns or compliments to us directly. We welcome your feedback.

Lisa Delegato, LPN

Gifford Medical Center

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