The Herald Wants to Know…What Makes the Holidays for You

Front Page / Dec. 3, 2009 3:23pm EST

By Mary Margaret Breed

For most people, certain opinions, memories, and hopes bubble to the surface as the holidays approach. What’s important to you? We’d like to hear from people of all ages—school-aged boys and girls, young adults, hard-working parents and non-parents, empty-nesters, retired folks. This might be a good project for a school class or church-school class. A silver tongue is not required. Just share your thoughts, from the serious to the hilarious, the poetic to the mundane.

Here’s how:

•E-mail us at or this Herald reporter at

•Drop off a letter at The Herald office at 30 Pleasant Street, Randolph, or

•Fax it to us at 728-9275, or

•Mail it to us at The Herald, PO Box 309, Randolph, Vt. 05060, or

•Call us at 728-3232.

You can be brief—“I like being out of school,” for instance, or “holiday parties.”

Or you can give us a full-blown anecdote, spoken or written—“When we Skyped with my brother in Iraq,” or “cutting a tree in the woods with Dad,” or “the time I found all the presents in my mom’s closet,” or “the holiday I worked in a homeless shelter,” or “the year I got stranded in an airport and missed the celebration,” or “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus.”

To fire some neurons, here are some thinking points:

•What's the best holiday gift you ever RECEIVED that cost little or nothing? What's the best holiday gift you ever GAVE that cost little or nothing?

•What's the most extravagant holiday gift you've ever given or received? What were your feelings about it?

• What’s your favorite holiday memory from your childhood?

•As an adult, what’s your favorite part of the holidays?

•Were you ever disappointed in what you received or you were able to give?

•Does your family have an unusual holiday tradition you’d like to share with others?

•Are you a plan-ahead, shop-ahead person who’s all finished by October? How do you do that?

•Are you a last-minute shopper? How’s that working out for you?

•How do you decorate? Possible answers: “I don't,” or “I have bushels of ornaments, I’m always scouting for bargains to expand my collection.”

•Procrastinators, what's the latest date at which you've ever taken down your Christmas tree?

•What's your least favorite thing about the holidays? The time pressure? Vacuuming evergreen needles? Paying the bills? Missing people who aren't with us, such as soldiers deployed far away?

The Herald plans to publish readers’ most vibrant comments during the holiday season. Thanks for participating!

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