Red Cross Seeks Help With ‘Holiday Mail for Heroes’

Front Page / Dec. 3, 2009 3:23pm EST

Red Cross Seeks Help With ‘Holiday Mail for Heroes’

The Red Cross is sponsoring a “Holiday Mail for Heroes” program to get Christmas cards to U.S. soldiers.

For the third year in a row, the American Red Cross and Pitney-Bowes are working together to collect, sort, and distribute holiday cards to service members, veterans, and their families.


•Sign all cards.

•Entitle cards, “Dear Service Member, Family, or Veteran.”

•Limit the number of cards to 15 from any one person or 50 from any one school class, business, or group.

•Bundle groups of cards in single, large envelopes.


•Send letters.

•Include personal information such as home or e-mail addresses.

•Use glitter—excessive amounts can aggravate health issues of wounded recipients.

•Include inserts of any kind, as they must be removed in the screening process.

Cards must be sent to Holiday Mail for Heroes, PO Box 5456, Capitol Heights, Md. 20791-5456. All cards must be postmarked no later than Monday, Dec. 7. This deadline ensures enough time top sort and distribute cards before the holidays. Cards postmarked after that date will be returned to the sender.

“Holiday Mail for Heroes” is for the delivery of holiday cards only. Those wishing to donate phone cards or gift certificates should go online to, scroll down to “AAFES Community Collection,” and click on “Help Our Troops Call Home” or “Gift Cards/Certificates for Our Troops,” in order to send such items.

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