Rain Is Playing Havoc With Work on Liz Mine

Front Page / Aug. 6, 2009 12:00am EDT

By John Freitag

Rain Is Playing Havoc With Work on Liz Mine By John Freitag

The rainy summer has proved challenging for construction projects like the Superfund work at the Elizabeth Mine site in Strafford.

This past week, for instance, the decision was made that on-site material was too wet to be used for the rebuilding of a section of mine road. This necessitated the hauling of an additional 14,000 cubic yards of better gravel material to the site—or about 1,000 10-wheeled dump truck loads.

Independent engineer Mark Bannon, who is serving this summer as a site monitor for the Elizabeth Mine Community Advisory Group, has been making weekly visits to the site.

In a report dated July 30, besides noting the need for better material, he pointed out problems resulting from heavy rains on July 29.

A large culvert being installed across the section of Mine Road which is being replaced, was undercut by rainwater, floating a section of the culvert, which had to be re-set.

Bannon also noted that the extensive erosion control barriers are showing signs of strain and may need work. Certainly not unexpected given the large amount of rain that we have been experiencing this year. The intent is to have the Mine Road open before school bus runs start. Rain delays mean that work on the site will continue during the weekends in August.

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