Barreda Runs

Front Page / Jun. 12, 2008 12:00am EDT

For State Rep.

Retired high school English and drama teacher Louise Barreda of Tunbridge this week announced her candidacy as a Democrat for the Windsor/Orange-1 seat in the Vermont House of Representatives, which includes Tunbridge and Royalton.

Her candidacy sets up a November contest with the incumbent Republican, David Ainsworth, who is expected to run for reelection.

Barreda grew up in Pennsylvania, did her undergraduate work at Penn State, and her graduate work at Dartmouth College. She lived in Peru, S.A. with her husband Victor and children before moving to their farm in Tunbridge in 1980.

Following a 25-year career at South Royalton High School, Barreda said she sees the political stage as a place to continue public service. She said that as a teacher she cultivated the art of listening and being supportive of a range of ideas and beliefs, and will use these skills to benefit her constituents.

Barreda and her husband raised their three sons on a small, sustainable family farm, educating them in the local school system. In her announcement, she praised South Royalton High School for preparing them for acceptance into fine colleges.

"My belief in public education is unshakable," she said, "and I feel that government should help to make progress possible while supporting the professional faculty and staff as they endeavor to raise standards and affect a strong basic education—one that fits the needs of individual students."

High priority issues include helping to expand renewable energy resources, making health care available to all, and bringing high-speed internet to our communities.

"Through the work of the legislature, I look forward serving Vermont and preparing for the challenges of the future," Barreda concluded.

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