THE RINK RAT With Paul Easton

Sports / Dec. 28, 2006 12:00am EST

THE RINK RAT With Paul Easton

For some, I know, all hope seems lost. Fear not skating enthusiasts, winter will come, and there will be an Ice Rink in Randolph this year. There may not be a temporary bridge...but there will be ice skating!  This being my 13th season (not the reason we are not skating yet), we have now opened the rink only three times in the month of December. We have gotten a bit spoiled though, because we have opened in December the last two years, and three out of the last five. Last year we were still skating with quality ice on March 15. We may have gotten good at making ice, with better equipment and more experience, but Mother Nature still runs the show. Stay hopeful, and keep your skates and sticks ready!

Special thanks go out to Freeman Grout of Randolph and his son John of Lebanon for again making the generous donation of a beautiful evergreen. They have done this several times with trees from their lot in Braintree. Next year we have plans to transplant a permanent tree from this same lot. Thanks also to Ben Franklin and Brooks for donating lots of lights, Tom Morgan and Michael Penrod for putting up the tree, and Joe Rich and Morgan Easton for installing the lights. Typically we light the tree on the first day of skating. We keep it lit throughout the skating season. We couldn't let the holiday season go by without plugging in the tree for all to enjoy. We like to call it "Rinkafellar Center". 

The Northfield Marauders beat U-32 in a thriller 3-2, and tied with St. Johnsbury Academy 4-4, bringing their season record to 1-5-1. They head off for a multi-team tournament in Lake Placid. Alex Green and David Whitlock continue to play well.  A large group of Randolph fans attended the last home game and cheered for the local boys and the Northfield team.

We welcome news and information from other area outdoor rinks. Call Paul Easton at 802-522-3073, 728-4875 or e-mail to: Also any news from local area youth hockey players would be of interest to us.  

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