God’s Truth Will Endure

Letters / Dec. 28, 2006 12:00am EST

God’s Truth Will Endure

As families gather in joy for the feast of Christmas throughout the world, my soul is grateful to God the Father that Mother Mary brought forth our savior 2006 years ago.

I often think in current times of the culture of death, and the population planners. How can any young girl or woman in our times readily accept the life growing inside of her, without being bombarded by false information, and the accepted doctrine of "choice"? It’s taught in our schools under the guise of environmentalism. The global flag flyer’s message is "Our poor, fragile planet just cannot sustain the world’s population." Some must be killed, only they call it "choice" or "dignity."

There are many organizations that are reaping their harvest by stressing the problems of over-population, overcrowding, and world hunger. Not only the International Planned Parenthood Federation, but at least 30 or more others such as the Sierra Club, the Population Council, the Trilateral Commission, Worldwatch Institute, Zero Population Growth, The Ford Foundation, Advocates for Youth, the list goes on.

A 14-year-old unwed girl today would be whisked off to an abortion clinic to solve what "they" deem as a problem. Giving no thought to life as being a blessing and a wonder, and joy, and love of a family at its beginning.

No matter what the circumstances are, there is always among us a kind, unselfish heart willing to raise a child who may be in need. God sees to it.

And as everyone is feasting for the holidays, take a little quiet time for truth, to realize if indeed our food supply IS really running out. You’ll find that it is not true. It is not God’s will to have us starve, or to be slaughtered.

And if you look even harder, you’ll find that the Truth still remains, as it will into eternity. It’s just that the many population planners, and the "newest" sustainable living agenda specialists are doing their jobs to keep it hidden from you and your children’s children.

Donna Brown



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