$200,000 Deficit Is Unveiled To WNWSU Board

Front Page / Dec. 28, 2006 12:00am EST

By Chris Costanzo

$200,000 Deficit Is Unveiled To WNWSU Board By Chris Costanzo

The Windsor Northwest Supervisory Union (WNWSU), is running a budget deficit of approximately $200,000, the WNWSU board was told last Wednesday.

According to Supt. Tim Mock, the deficit stems from poor or incomplete accounting that dates back three years or more.

"There were expenditures made against grants and revenues that didn't materialize or were smaller than expected, and very poor record keeping throughout," Mock said. Over the years, under different business managers and different superintendents, the union office has had a history of financial problems, which the union has tried to remedy through improved computer support and better staff training.

According to WNWSU Chair David Allen, the deficit will probably have to be remedied by assessment on the school districts in the union—Bethel, Granville, Hancock, Pittsfield, Rochester, and Stockbridge. The biggest burden will be borne by Bethel, which contributes about 44% of the union budget and will therefore have to pay about $88,000, equivalent to roughly nine cents on its tax rate. Rochester, the next largest district, pays about 25% of the union office budget, followed by Stockbridge (11%), Granville (9%), Hancock (8%), and Pittsfield (3%).

Allen noted that some school boards may wish to pay their share of the union deficit out of their current 2006-07 budget or alternatively the union board could include the assessment in the forthcoming 2007-08 budget.

The union board members decided to postpone that decision until the next board meeting in January. 

Meanwhile, the union board voted to approve a 2007-08 budget proposal, without the deficit assessment. (See separate story).

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