The 'Unflappable' Choice for Sheriff

Letters / Aug. 24, 2006 12:00am EDT

The 'Unflappable' Choice for Sheriff

The contest for Orange County Sheriff in the September 12 primary election will give voters the opportunity to elect a proven, pro-active County Law Enforcement Chief, Capt. Bill Bohnyak.

I am entering my eighth year as an Orange County deputy. I worked side by side with Bill when he was a deputy, and I’ve worked under his direction as he has advanced in rank and responsibilities over the years.

I know of nobody I’ve met in law enforcement who is as calm and unflappable as Bill when under pressure. He inspires confidence in all and he has a clear vision on how to grow the department on the sound foundation laid down by Sheriff Dennis McClure these past years.

While the Sheriff has been on medical leave the past few months following surgery, Bill, as chief deputy, has done an outstanding job.

He has just put two brand new cruisers on the road at no expense to the county budget. The Department earned a nearly 300% increase in Federal highway safety fund grants based on records established under his direction.

I am one of 15 current deputies supporting Capt. Bohnyak for sheriff and I urge you to do so too by voting in the Primary Election on Tuesday, Sept. 12.

Pete Jørgensen


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