Teens To Be Charged In Pipe Bomb Spree

Front Page / Aug. 24, 2006 12:00am EDT

Teens To Be Charged In Pipe Bomb Spree

Teens To Be Charged In Pipe Bomb Spree

Happenstance, online boasts, and good police work allowed authorities in Vermont and New Hampshire to solve in a matter of days a series of mysterious pipe bombings that destroyed, among other things, a pay phone and porta-potty in South Royalton over the weekend.

New Hampshire police said Monday that four teenagers will be charged in connection with the bombings, which started last Thursday, when a metal pipe, stuffed with gunpowder and connected to a fuse, exploded in a portable toilet at a park in West Lebanon, N.H..

There were subsequent explosions on both sides of the Connecticut River in succeeding days, including one Friday afternoon at a phone at Vermont Law School and another early Saturday morning blast that destroyed a portable toilet behind the South Royalton School.

No one was injured in these explosions.

Authorities have not yet identified the four teens, who range in age from 16 to 18.

A break in the case came Saturday night when an Enfield, N.H. police officer stopped a car for a minor traffic violation, and spotted a canister of gunpowder in the back.

Armed with the names of the two teens in the car, police did an Internet search and discovered a myspace.com posting, in which the teens had discussed several of the pipe bombings.

With this information, police obtained search warrants. Late on Sunday, Enfield police executed searches and confiscated evidence at three homes in Enfield and Orange, N.H.

Most of the bombings occurred in New Hampshire, with several portable toilets, mailboxes and a sign destroyed. The youths will also likely face charges in Vermont for the two explosions in Royalton.

Police, who initially were considering that the explosions might be connected to four suspicious fires this weekend, now say there is likely no link.


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