‘Seeing Double’ In the Downtown

Letters / Mar. 23, 2005 11:00pm EST

‘Seeing Double’ In the Downtown

I moved here to Randolph just over a year ago and have been noticing a phenomenon that was reconfirmed in the March 17 issue of the Herald.

In an article about the bowling alley closing next month, there was the mention that the new owner would be converting part of the facility into a Family Dollar store.

It seems that in the small village area of Randolph there are multiples of businesses all around. It would be so nice if those thinking about opening future stores in Randolph would go in it with the plan to carve out their own niche and bring something new and interesting to our little village.

Right now we have three gas stations, three banks, three gyms, two hardware stores, two movie rental places, two pizza shops, and coming soon a second Chinese food restaurant and a second café—all within about a mile of each other.  

Why open another dollar-type store in the old bowling alley when what we could use is perhaps a facility for our kids to have fun, like a roller-skating rink, an indoor mini-golf, a gymnastics studio or some other type of place where our kids can go to have fun and we as parents don't have to worry about them or drive to Burlington or Lebanon to go to similar places?

If you are hungry, wouldn't it be great to head to a local Mexican restaurant, or bagel shop or an inexpensive family-style restaurant and even one that is open for dinner? So to future business owners, please don't open up another bookstore or dream up a different coffee shop/bakery. We love the ones we have.

I just think that Randolph, being a little hub for the neighboring towns, could and should offer more to its residents and visitors than just multiples of what it already has.

Tracey Rotman



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