Tunbridge Can Boast Two Official ‘Villages’

Front Page / Mar. 23, 2005 11:00pm EST

Tunbridge Can Boast Two Official ‘Villages’

The town of Tunbridge now has two "official" villages, according to Chris Sargent of Two Rivers Regional Planning.

Sargent helped shepherd both Tunbridge and North Tunbridge into official status under Vermont’s new programs to encourage village settlement and repair.

"This is really good for the Tunbridge villages," Sargent said. "The tax credits that are part of the program should help a lot."

The benefits include 5% tax credits for rehabilitating historical buildings (and most of the buildings there are historical), along with a 50% Vermont income tax credit for bringing commercial buildings up to code.

The Tunbridge Fairgrounds is included as part of the official Tunbridge Village. However, the Tunbridge school near North Tunbridge is not part of the district.

Two More

Already in Central Vermont, East Randolph and Rochester have been declared official villages. Sargent said two more should join them by the end of the month—Chelsea and Brookfield.

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