Emily Newman Named Orange County Clerk

Front Page / Jan. 8, 2004 12:00am EST

Emily Newman Named Orange County Clerk

Newman wasted no time getting to work after being sworn in as Orange County Clerk on Dec. 30.

"On January 1, I took my place in the office, even though it was a holiday," she told The Herald this week.

The surroundings were thoroughly familiar. Newman has lived in Chelsea, off and on, since 1963, and she's worked in the Orange County Courthouse since 1996, starting as a docket clerk and also working as a case manager in family court.

Newman replaces Rodney Ackerman, whose untimely death of cancer last summer cast a pall over the courthouse.

Her appointment completes the total changeover of leadership within that building and in the county itself. Last year Orange County got two new administrative (side) judges in Russ Hotchkiss and Prudence Pease, a new probate judge in Bernie Lewis and a new state's attorney in Will Porter, while Sheriff Dennis McClure was elected in his own right for the first time.

The county clerk is secondary only to the side judges in administering the affairs of the county, which are mainly judicial. Newman said her job includes scheduling within the courthouse, keeping communications with judges, litigants, and lawyers, filing all the papers required in lawsuits, appeals, foreclosures, small claims and passports, and working with the side judges on the county budget.

Asked if she is sort of a CEO at the courthouse, she laughed and agreed. "That's a good way of putting it!" she said.

She directly manages a three-person staff that also includes deputy clerk David Eggers and small claims clerk Darlene Moran.

Newman's father was born in Chelsea and retired there in 1963 after an Army career. She attended Johnson State College and worked for four years for the Chelsea Health Center under Brewster Martin.

In 1983 she moved to Massachusetts, where she worked for an insurance company and then for 10 years with the department of corrections, becoming administrative assistant at the correctional institution in Shirley, Mass. She came back to Chelsea in 1996.

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