Our Sports News From Six High Schools Is Student-Written

Sports / Dec. 25, 2003 12:00am EST

Our Sports News From Six High Schools Is Student-Written

The on-line Herald is not able to post most of its sports stories, but the paper edition contains 2-3 pages of breaking sports news.

We cover the sports programs of five public high schools--Randolph Union High School, Whitcomb High School in Bethel, South Royalton High School, Rochester High School, and Chelsea High School,

In addition we cover sports at Sharon Academy a privately-operated school that recently developed a high school level athletic program.

The Herald's high school sports reporting employs mostly student interns to write the stories and take the photographs. This is a great way for students to learn to use writing and photography in the real world, to get their names in the newspaper every week, and to perform a useful service for their communities and schools.

The Herald interns are paid for their work, and many of them have put together a considerable nest egg over their years writing for the Herald. In addition, several of them have liked the work so well that they have continued in journalism in college and beyond.

If you have a son or daughter of high school age who is interested in being a Herald Intern, contact The Herald at editor@OurHerald.com!

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