Memories Of Elementary School

Letters / Jan. 2, 2003 12:00am EST

Memories Of Elementary School

I thoroughly enjoyed the article about my SECOND grade teacher, Mrs. Norton.  For some reason the first graders who entered Randolph Grade School way back in '49 did not have Mrs. Norton.  I think she did not teach that year.

We had heavy hearts because we had heard (even at that age) that Mrs. Norton was the BEST first grade teacher.  We slogged through the year with a Mrs. Labardie.  Of course, she was probably just as good as Mrs. Norton, but we didn't know that at the time.  

When we returned for our second grade year, the class was divided, so some of us were sent to have classes with part of the divided third grade class in what was then the Methodist church, next to the school.  We were ecstatic to find that our teacher was Mrs. Norton! Life was fair after all!  

But then, my group didn't get to have Miss Kinville, another "grade school legend," or Maud Stokes, probably the biggest legend in the history of the Randolph school system.  I guess I had better bring this to a close before I stir up too many old memories.  

Phyllis Kadlub

South Royalton


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