A Tribute To SoRo Town Band

Letters / Aug. 22, 2002 12:00am EDT

A Tribute To SoRo Town Band

How fitting that the Herald printed a picture of the South Royalton Town Band in the vacation issue. As predictable as thunderstorms and the passing trains of Amtrak, the Town Band of South Royalton has been part of our summer for years. It is an opportunity for residents, relatives and vacationers to join the ranks of the Band and the audience. To the faithful follower, each concert was unique.

The Band, under the leadership of Dick Ellis and Phyllis Kadlub, starts practicing in late spring when the days are short and the pace of life is calm. How soon that changes! As soon as high school graduation has commenced, young players have time to join the elder musicians and continue to be a part of the Town Band tradition.

What a treat for all of us! We play a variety of venues, from parades to historical celebrations to homecomings. The common threads that are inextricably intertwined are an appreciable audience, two committed and motivated directors, and a group of willing and diverse players.

The Town Band season for South Royalton now is finished. Time to reflect on the value of music in our lives and the means available to us to encourage the continuation of a valuable tradition.

Louis Donnet



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