Al Floyd Is Appointed To Fish, Wildlife Board

People / May. 3, 2001 12:00am EDT

Al Floyd Is Appointed To Fish, Wildlife Board

There’s something else to talk about at Floyd’s Store for the next six years.

Gov. Dean last week appointed Albert J. Floyd, proprietor of the Randolph Center general store to the Vermont Fish & Wildlife board. He will represent Orange and Windsor Counties on the statewide board.

The board is an advisory group of citizens that enacts fish and wildlife regulations. The members serve six-year terms.

Gov. Dean appointed three new members last week. The other two are Rob Borowske of Barre, representing Caledonia and Washington Counties, and Susan Nadeau of Highgate Center, representing Franklin and Grand Isle Counties.

Floyd replaces outgoing board member Joe Coutermarsh of White River. He told The Herald he was asked by several customers to serve on the board and agreed.

"I have no axe to grind," he said. "I have ideas, but I’ll be feeling my way for awhile."

He noted he is already a licensing agent selling hunting and fishing licenses for the Department and providing deer and turkey checking services.

An avid hunter and angler, he is a past member of the Randolph Fish & Game Club. He’s served as chair of the Randolph school board and the Selectboard and is Randolph Centers Fire Chief.

His store is known as the center of much good conversation about state and local issues.

"I always said if you shoot your mouth off, you’ve got to be prepared to do something about it," Floyd said, explaining his active role.

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