No Agreement in OSSU Teachers’ Contract

Front Page / May. 3, 2001 12:00am EDT

Negotiators from the Orange Southwest Teachers’ Association and school boards in Randolph, Brookfield, and Braintree failed to reach a contract settlement in a mediated session Tuesday night.

The current three-year contract between teachers and the boards in the Orange Southwest Supervisory Union expires at the end of June, and the two sides have been meeting since December to work out a new agreement.

After five sessions, impasse was declared and the teachers and boards agreed to move to mediation, said Alex Halasz, a member of the school boards’ negotiating team.

A five-hour session with federal mediator Ira Lobel on Tuesday night, however, was not successful.

"We are disappointed," Halasz said. The parties, she added, are "far apart—and it’s not about money."

Negotiators have not yet had time to report back to their respective sides, said Halasz yesterday, and it’s too soon to predict what will happen next

"It could be fact-finding, or we could re-open mediation or negotiations," she said. "We’re trying to figure out what to do."

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