RAVC Director Responds To Contract Termination

Front Page / Jan. 11, 2001 12:00am EST

RAVC Director Responds To Contract Termination

Five months ago, the Randolph Union High School board voted to terminate the contract of Vocational Director Kevin Christie at the end of this school year.

The new seven-town board that now governs the Randolph Area Vocational Center will meet in executive session tonight, Jan. 11, to hear Christie’s "response" to the July, 2000, action taken by the RUHS board, Supt. Jack Barnes said yesterday.

Christie’s contract termination and several other disciplinary actions taken against him were based on a 15-part "finding" adopted by the RUHS board, and later ratified by the RAVC board.

The finding alleged that Christie charged $1100 in personal expenditures to a school credit card and that he failed to submit on time a major grant application. That missed deadline lost the district $11,000 in grant money and cost another $29,000 in lost and incurred interest expenses, the board said.

According to Barnes, Christie had, at the time of the July 27 board decision, a right to a hearing within 15 days to respond to the action taken by the board.

Christie instead, requested an "extension" request to hold the hearing at a later time.

That delayed hearing is tonight.

Barnes noted that tonight’s hearing merely gives Christie an opportunity "to respond." The board, he said, is under no requirement to reconsider its earlier action, though it may do so.

By Sandy Cooch

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